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Re: KDE 2.2.1 Dependencies

There's no way you will be able to install Woody or Sid KDE packages on
Potato. I even tried compiling the new packages on my Progeny machine and
they wouldn't build.

In the short run, it seems the best way to get 2.2.1 on your Potato or
Progeny systems is to build from source. It's actually not that bad once
you have all the build dependiencies installed.

Just setenv KDEDIR /usr/local/kde-2.2.1 (csh) and add
/usr/local/kde2.2.1/bin to your path.

So far my build notes look like this:
kdelibs: ./configure --disable-cups
        cups support doesn't like to build agnist the cups libs in
	Progeny. Things work fine without.
kdebase: ./configure --without-gl
        Some GL stuff doesn't want to build. No big loss, most
	machines I'm bouilding this for have POS video anyway.

Andrew S. Zbikowski | http://www.ringworld.org
"We can learn much more from wise words, little
from wisecracks and less from wise guys."
--William Arthur Ward

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