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Antialiased font problem

> Whenever I run xftcache (or anyone else runs, e.g. upgraded font packages),
> it simply spits out a "Segmentation fault".

Ah, I forgot the reason for mailing that on this kde-list in the first place 

Namely, my KDE 2 stopped working with antialiased fonts just a couple of days 
ago and I suspect the xftcache crash might have something to do with the 

Everything's fine without antialiasing, but once it's been enabled, login 
sequence never gets beyond the jingle. Mouse pointer moves ok, but icons or 
desktop image never appear; CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE is the only option.

Actually, I don't even have to restart KDE after enabling AA to demonstrate 
the problem. If I enable it from Control Center, no QT base application  
starts anymore. The "loading CD"-icon spins for a while and then just 
disappears without a trace. Any application that's been started before the 
change work well, however. I can even disable font antialiasing aftert rying 
it, click on Konqueror and start browsing as if nothing were wrong. 
Apparently the problem only occures in application startup / qt init.

- Jarno

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