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Re: KDE 2.2 & Woody

On Friday 28 September 2001 07:59 am, NDSoftware wrote:
> Hi,
> Where i can find a unofficial deb (if exist) for kde 2.2.1 or kde 2.2 ?
> I use Wooody....
> Thanks very much

Or better yet, this is what you're looking for:


Re: Debian 2.2r3 apt-get & dselect -> testing  (Helmut Trinkl,  Fri Sep 28 
07:39:48 2001)

I have found this information on newbiedoc.sourceforce.net (thanks to
the author Will Trillich):

   Starting in 2001 a new distribution of Debian is available. It is
   called testing, and it covers the ground between stable and UNSTABLE.
   Testing is made of packages that have survived 14 days in unstable
   without breaking. Major life-threatening bugs are thus solved before
   making their way into testing. However, that also means that security
   upgrades are also at least 14 days behind schedule...

   However if your version of apt supports it ( >= 0.5 ), there is a
   very easy way to follow multiple distributions, it is called pinning:

   You must modify /etc/apt/preferences and add:
1 Package: *
2 Pin: release a=stable
3 Pin-Priority: 900
5 Package: *
6 Pin: release a=testing
7 Pin-Priority: -10

   then you must add lines for both stable and testing to your
   /etc/apt/sources.list and do an apt-get update which will download
   the usual files twice, one for each distribution.

   After this, you can use the -t option to choose which distribution
   you want to get packages from:
   # apt-get -t testing install sgmltools2

   The Pin-Priority fields ensure that unless you specifiy it manually,
   all packages will be taken from the stable distribution (of course,
   dependencies are always met, so you might have to download more than
   one package from testing)

Maybe this helps.


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