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konqueror crashes after latest apt-get upgrade

Hello all, 

I just performed an update & dist-upgrade, and I believe one of the new
packages was a Konqueror deb with a version of 2.2.1-2. Now, upon launching
konqueror and attempting to go to any web page, it quickly displays *some* of
the page, but then crashes before I am able to do anything. Launching it in
file management mode seems to be ok, as I was able to navigate around, but then
attempting to go to a web page promptly crashes it. I wonder, then, if the
problem has to do with KHTML or another component only needed for
Internet-aware activities, and might that lead to the possibility that the
problem is with another package? Has anyone had any similar experience, or does
anyone have any suggestions to try? If I need to supply more
version/configuration information, please let me know.


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