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Re: kde an objprelink

> "On Sun, Sep 09, 2001 at 11:57:32AM -0400, Jack Howarth wrote:
> > Jakub,
> >    HJ told me that your work on the prelinker
> > set to eventually be adopted into Linux. I ask
> > because debian has started to use objprelink
> > for now.
> If you ask me, I think it is a bad decision.
> objprelink means slightly slower execution time even where it really
> doesn't buy anything. 

Never seen in reality.

>Also, at least in the version which is floating
> around e.g. the ia-32 stub is too long and inefficient.

Thats right

> Also, with objprelink they have to muck with all packages.
> If debian wants good startup speeds, then I think the no1 thing is to use
> recent binutils (and on arches where it works enable -z combreloc by
> default).
> Together with current glibc, already doing just this speeds startup of
> large KDE programs a lot, the symbol lookup is the most expensive thing
> (together with unnecessary COW) and glibc's lookup cache together with -z
> combreloc hits a lot:

The versions in sid?

> LD_DEBUG=statistics kmail
> 14751:
> 14751:  runtime linker statistics:
> 14751:    total startup time in dynamic loader: 226875015 clock cycles
> 14751:              time needed for relocation: 223635459 clock cycles
> (98.5%) 14751:                   number of relocations: 24432
> 14751:        number of relocations from cache: 45710
> 14751:             time needed to load objects: 2969083 clock cycles (1.3%)
> Also, these binutils already reserve .dynamic entries for prelink, so
> rebuilding everything with this is really worthy."


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