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Re: Getting flash plugin to work.

> I downloaded the plugin, copied the .so and .class to
> /usr/local/netscape/plugins. I then scanned for plugins and it was found and is
> now listed.
> But I still can't view flash stuff? A shocked site opens 5 different windows,
> each helpfully telling me to "Click here to download shockwave player".
> What more do I need to do?

Had the same problem here yesterday FWIW, only worse - had to kill X after
38(!) of said windows popped up and showed no sign of stopping, bringing my
machine to its knees. Flash is installed and konq reports that its there,
but it still happens. I hate flash anyway, but some sites require it

- Daniel

*      Daniel Franklin - Postgraduate student in Electrical Engineering
*      University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia  *  d.franklin@ieee.org

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