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Java in KDE (was Re: Sound in KDE)

On Wednesday 26 September 2001 16:02, David Bishop wrote:

> > 1. Java and Javascript are not working at all in Konqueror,
> > even though both are enabled globally. Whenever I open a document
> > with an applet, I get a grey patch saying "Loading applet". I
> > have installed jdk1.1.
> Unfortunetly, I have not had much luck at all with java, but that's
> because of my proxy.  I think the recommended jre is blackdown's,
> which is now in unstable (I think, maybe just incoming).

You'll need at least jdk1.2 or jre1.2 in order for Java support in 
Konqueror to work, as it relies on the Java security manager that is 
only present in version 1.2 and above.  Sun, IBM and Blackdown all have 
1.3.0 or 1.3.1 available for Linux.   I've tried all of them and have 
to recommend the Blackdown version - the IBM one is meant to have the 
fastest virtual machine, but it has problems running quite a few 
applets that the Sun and Blackdown versions don't.  Plus, the Blackdown 
version is by far the easiest to install (at least on Debian), has the 
lowest memory overheads, and, most importantly for running applets in a 
web browser, has the fastest startup time by quite a distance.

Blackdown have (big big thank you to them) an apt-get'able debian/ 
directory on their ftp site which contains all their goodies, and is 
kept nice and up-to-date.  I have this in my sources.list (works great 
for both testing and sid):

deb ftp://ftp.mirror.ac.uk/sites/ftp.blackdown.org/java-linux/debian/ 
woody non-free

but you'll probably want to choose a different ftp mirror of 
blackdown.org - a mirrors list is here:


There's also a potato subdirectory for those of you running stable, 
although it's a slightly older version of the JRE/JDK (1.2.something).

If you only want applet support and aren't developing stuff yourself in 
Java - get the jre (java runtime environment) rather than the jdk (java 
development kit) as the download size is a lot smaller.

You may also want to remove the symlink to the Java Netscape plugin 
(unnecessary with Konqui) it creates in 
/usr/lib/netscape/plugins-libc6, as this will crash older versions of 
nspluginscan (I'm not sure if it's been fixed in KDE 2.2.1 but it's 
certainly a problem with 2.2).

If you're using an HTTP or SOCKS proxy then Java ought to pick up on 
the KDE system settings, although I'm not sure if Java supports 
authenticating HTTP proxies.  If the applets aren't picking up on your 
KDE proxy settings, then that's a bug in KDE.  The package to report 
the bug under is (I think) kjava.


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