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_Probably_ unrelated, but... (Re: Unix "lifetime-mail")

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On Saturday 15 Sep 2001 1:53 pm, J.R. ter Haseborg wrote:
> does anyone know the kind of mail shown below?
> It seems to be the unix time.
> I receive this mails now and then and don't know which system service sends
> this mails and why.

Are you using KMail? I am, and I've very occasionally received mails looking 
something like that which may have been caused by a bug in KMail (or kio_pop3 
or another component). It hasn't happened for quite a while now.

> Example:
> ------------------------------
> Content-Type:
> Status: RO
> X-Status: O
> 1 1000502681.9146
> ------------------------------

I don't have an example available, but I think the ones I got looked more 
like responses to the LIST command (hence my thinking it was a bug...), i.e.

1 2913
2 3101

...where a mail notifier had indicated I had 2 messages. Hmm, maybe IMAP (or 
a different protocol you're using) responds with something more like your 
example and it is in fact the same bug? Anyone here know IMAP?

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