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Re: 2.2.1

On Wed, Sep 19, 2001 at 04:04:58PM -0600, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:

> Ok folks,  2.2.1 should all be uploaded and installed by now including
> kdelibs which decided to be tempermental and not install even though it
> was one of the first to be uploaded. :) Anyways...I'll be out of town
> Thursday thru Sunday so hopefully nothing major was broken and everyone
> can live till then.  


this has to be said once and for all: you are simply great :-) I am also
involved in a couple open source projects and (I think) I know how much
effort and dedication is required for such a thing, especially if you are
responsible for the 'final polish' the users will see, and sometimes get
all the blame no matter what goes wrong (we've seen this here - no matter
if it's KDE bugs, not yet synchronized Debian FTP mirrors, gcc bugs,
library problems, or whatever, the questions always go to you first).

Nobody actually _accueses_ you of being responsible for these things but
the questions make you probably _feel_ responsible nevertheless.


I think it's time for a reward. I also think several people here would
agree with me. And I ALSO think we can all spare $10 or something for a
good cause. ;)

So, tell us what you would like, a CD burner, new harddisk, 21" TFT flat
screen (ok, you'll need a lot of fans for that ;) and I'll try to
coordinate the rest. (If someone who lives geographically nearer to you
wants to take over it's fine with me and probably easier, though. I've done
this before but never internationally ...)

Also I'd like to hear from the other people on this list what they think of
the idea, or if they have a different idea.
> 2.2.1 will be the version which will go into woody.  I won't touch KDE 3
> till just before beta1 is released so the focus from now until then will
> be bug hunting, customization, and whatever else with the 2.2.1 packages.  

I'll try and put my thoughts and KDE configuration into readable and
understandable form. ;)
> So...if you have any custimzation input (ie, code is better then the idea

My first wish would be: don't show any user icons in kdm by default. ;)
> Anyways..have a nice weekend and all...

Same to you, thanks again for everything :-)

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