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Re: xinerama

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> Ok...let me see if I can partially explain this.  In order to include
> Xinerama support one must link to a static library,  libXinerama.a, since
> it is not provided as a shared object.  Unfortunaly this means compiling
> in PIC code into a shared object which is a no-no and against Debian
> policy.   If you want to know the pro's, con's and the why's on all of
> this read through the debian-devel mailing list archives for the past
> couple months..you'll see several thread on this.  Originally I found out
> about these problems when hppa tried building kdelibs.  hppa's compiler
> refused to deal with it and thus a bug report was born.  I originally deal
> with this by doing a "if arch is hppa don't compile in xinerama support"
> however after reading the discussion on all of this I decided the "right"
> solution was to not include xinerama support at this time.  Once the
> Xinerama lib's are provided as shared objects I'll enable Xinerama support
> within the kde packages.
> Ivan

Would it be a horrible thing to have a kdelibs-xinerama-x86 , or maybe just a 
quick howto on downloading the source deb for kdelibs and enabling xinerama?  
It truly is 1000% better when using dualhead to have it supported by the 

If not, I could probably muddle my way through getting the source...

Hope you had a great weekend :-)

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