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From http://lwn.net "On The Desktop" today


KMail 1.0.x, 1.1 billionth second problems. KMail users take note: versions 
prior to 1.0.29.x of this email package will stop working and cause mail 
folder corruptions on September 9th! Users of version 1.0.29.x will only lose 
functionality, but no folders will be damaged. The problem stems from 
improper handling of the billionth second of Unix time, which started 
officially on January 1st, 1970. It is, essentially, a minor Y2K of Unix 
time, though this is the first instance of a known problem stemming from this 
magic date.
--end quote--

I have woodies version (1.2) here but if you have an older version of kmail, 
you might want to take steps now to protect your mail.



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