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Re: kde3

> The "HEAD" KDE cvs branch has moved onto qt3/kde3.  There is still the 2.2
> branch which is what we are using and will continue to use.  2.2.1 has just
> been tagged and is scheduled for release a week from Monday.  That will be
> my next upload of any kde packages.
> as for qt-copy.  When I get some time I'll update it.  There is major
> changes between the old qt-copy and the current one so most of the files
> under the debian/ dir need to be replaced.
> Ivan

Please stick with the 2.2.1 cvs line. KDE3 cvs not until beta2 (in sid).
Maybe if you start earlier with packaging kde3 cvs stuff then please 
put them on some external apt source.


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