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Re: select gui at startup

Thanks to all for your help... I've got KDE starting after an xdm login;
however, opening applications (emacs, Netscape) are extremely slow in GNOME
as well as KDE.  In KDE, mouse movement varies between none and extremely
I'm guessing I botched some setup file or something and that my problems
(except mouse) are not KDE-specific, but if you have any ideas, please let
me know.  If I can't fix this, I guess I'll have to reinstall debian or

thanks again,

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Subject: Re: select gui at startup

> kdebase is only the base files for KDE. There are many other packages to
> install. For Potato, your best set is to use dselect, select task-kde and
> then check the through the depends and recommends until you are happy with
> what is to be installed and dselect is happy that the depends are
> satisfied. For a graphical login manager, you can pick kdm, gdm, xdm and
> maybe others? I prefer gdm, the one that comes with Gnome. task-kde will
> try to install kdm by default but you can change this in dselect. For the
> moment these all conflict with each other so just pick one. If you prefer
> to login from a console and start X manually, then don't install any
> graphical login manager.
> I hope this is helpful.
> Cheers,
>      John Gay
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