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How to do some things in KDE 2.2


I upgraded to KDE2.2 partly (I'm running woody). Some things do not work 
Many keyboard actions do not work anymore like Ctrl-F for searching in a 
webpage. Many programs seemed to loose such keyboard actions, especially 
Kdevelop, where Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V for cutting, copying and pasting do 
not work anymore and there seems to be absolutely not way to reenable them.
Is there some kind of policy I missed???

Konqueror still cannot differ between homes of different profiles. Internal 
viewers for PS and co. aren't done anymore but did just fine in 2.1.2.

Is this normal??? Did I miss something essential???

Although running
apt-get -t unstable install kde
not all KDE2.1-packages were upgraded. What are the names of the other 
collections (e.g. with korganizer or kmidi)?


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