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[no subject] $B%S%G%*(B<$B#D#V#D(B>$B$rGc$&$J$i:#$9$0(B the (ab)normality of translator-programs? Re: /bin/login curiosa /etc not on / (was Re: possible mass-filing of bugs: many shared library packages contain binaries in usr/bin) Re: /opt (was Re: hurd does NOT need /hurd) /servers-related terminological suggestion 2.4.18 File System Corruption Re: 88 Priority violations in woody <joke/>Debian secure by default (was Re: hurd does NOT need /hurd) Re: <joke/>Debian secure by default (was Re: hurd does NOT need /hurd) 只须十分钟,用户就会接受的产品"招代理商 "只须十分钟,用户就会接受的产品"招代理商 @Directのご案内 Regardez la télé avec votre chat ! Gagnez un home cinéma sur Re: [ Request for Help ] Re: BTS improvements (was: Re: 88 Priority violations in woody Re: [2002-04-30] Release Status Update [debconf] displaying postinst-specific messages [EXTREMELY OT] Navagating Toronto [Fwd: About the infinite loop] [Fwd: Re: Bug#145556: ITP: gnome-chord -- guitar chord and scale database for GNOME] Re: [Fwd: seeking m68k machine (woody) for gcc-3.1 testing] Re: [ITP]: libarchive-tar-perl / [ITP]: libarchive-zip-perl [ [Please Read Me]] [OT] Re: Woody release - WHAT is current status Re: [PLUG] [PLUG-Announce] Building Debian Packages: By Example [RFC] New keymap/language configuration system. [RFP] GTK theme Xenophilia Re: [TriLUG] More Installfest questions 2 ... [ Bug with debian libtool 1.4.2a] Re: About the infinite loop] Re: about the release status Re: Accepted alsa-lib 0.9.0rc1-1 (i386 source) Re: Accepted libpam-ldap 144-1 (i386 source) Re: Accepted sysvinit 2.84-3 (i386 source) ADA, GNAT, and GDB Alternative build systems (was: Best Packaging Practices, act II) Antigen found =*.bat file Antigen found =*.exe file Antigen found =*.pif file Antigen found HTML.MimeExploit.Klez (CA(Vet),CA(InoculateIT)) vir us Re: Antigen found HTML/MimeExploit.IFRAME (CA(InoculateIT),CA(Vet)) v irus Antigen found HTML/MimeExploit.IFRAME (CA(InoculateIT),CA(Vet)) v irus Re: Antigen found HTML/MimeExploit.IFRAME (CA(InoculateIT),CA(Vet)) v irus Antigen found W32/Klez-G (Sophos) virus apt/preferences Automake 1.5 Automatic Graph Layout AVFS for debian AW: hurd does NOT need /hurd Axoris 1KSM : bug Report Bandwidth monitoring Best Packaging Practices - collecting ideas (and texts!) Best Packaging Practices, act II A bin for every program and every program in the bin. Oh--except... boot-floppies and tetex Re: BTS improvements (was: Re: 88 Priority violations in woody Bug dependencies not fulfilled inside woody Re: Bug#122642: ITP: ggz -- gaming network system Re: Bug#145313: ITP: gtk-engines-mac2 -- macos like theme engine for gtk Bug#145377: ITP: bluez-utils -- Utilities for controlling Bluetooth devices Bug#145380: ITP: libbluetooth -- Library to use the BlueZ Linux Bluetooth stack Bug#145439: ITP: wmnetscapekiller -- Dockapp for killing of stale netscape processes Re: Bug#145462: pconf-detect: Depends missing library Bug#145555: ITP: subproject-howto -- A HOWTO for starting a Debian subproject Bug#145556: ITP: gnome-chord -- guitar chord and scale database for GNOME Bug#145561: ITP: gtablature -- guitar tablature editor Re: Bug#145569: ncurses: wrong dependency on libc6-dev Re: Bug#145595: dpkg: --force-overwrite is supposed to be on for releases Re: Bug#145595: dpkg: --force-overwrite is supposed to be on for releases Bug#145603: ITP: libastro-ads-perl -- Modules for querying the Astrophysics Data System Bug#145628: ITP: hdico -- Search a definition in the french online Hachette dictionnary Bug#145639: ITP: cymbaline -- intelligent learning console mp3 player Bug#145658: ITP: -- a dockapp enabling convenient control of a computer's volume level. Bug#145701: ITP: libastro-simbad-perl -- Object-orientated interface to the SIMBAD astronomical database Bug#145721: ITP: libferris -- a virtual file system (VFS) that runs in userspace Bug#145724: ITP: ctsim -- Computed Tomography Simulator Bug#145742: ITP: rwin -- an RDP Client based on rdesktop 1.0 with many new features Bug#145778: ITP: phpgraphy -- phpgraphy is a php based photo album for webpages Bug#145867: ITP: qwt -- Qt widgets for technical and scientific purposes Bug#145878: ITP: ctn -- Central Test Node package (A DICOM implemention) for medical image handling Bug#145908: ITP: romeo -- The Palm ROM Discombobulator Bug#145985: ITP: dacode -- Performant and full-featured news engine written in PHP Bug#146024: ITP: pymol -- Molecular Graphics System Bug#146030: ITP: kernel-patch-2.4-rmap -- Reverse mapping VM for Linux Bug#146051: ITP: postgis -- Library that adds support for geographic objects to PostgreSQL Bug#146053: Close debian-devel-games Bug#146098: ITP: numlockx -- set numlock status in X Bug#146143: ITP: fluxconf -- FluxBox configuration utility Bug#146161: ITP: socat -- Relay for bidirectional data transfer Bug#146182: ITP: classpath -- GNU Classpath is a set of essential libraries for supporting the Java language Bug#146201: ITP: pymol-doc -- The PyMOL-Manual (from the website) Bug#146218: ITP: plywood -- Playwriting typing and typesetting help. Bug#146283: ITP: Clam Antivirus -- powerful anti-virus scanner for Unix. It supports AMaViS, compressed files, uses the virus database from Bug#146291: ITP: avfs -- A Virtual File System Re: Bug#146339: Netscape/Mozilla/Galeon Local File Detection Vulnerability Re: Bug#146339: Netscape/Mozilla/Galeon Local File Detection Vulnerability Bug#146369: ITP: aconnectgui -- FLTK based frontend for aconnect Bug#146372: ITP: alsamixergui -- FLTK based frontend for alsamixer Bug#146390: ITP: opendchub -- Hub (server) for Direct Connect network Bug#146394: ITP: isdn2h323 -- A ISDN to H.323 gateway Bug#146458: ITP: libcrypt-smbhash-perl -- generate LM/NT hash of a password for samba Bug#146476: ITP: xgsmlib -- Gnome-based GUI for mobile phone's phonebook and SMS Bug#146496: ITP: libastro-dss-perl -- Interface to the Digital Sky Surveys astronomical databases. Bug#146503: ITP: libastro-catalog-perl -- Generic object-orientated astronomical catalogue object Bug#146555: ITP: xmms-ladspa -- powers XMMS with the Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugins Bug#146677: ITP: wmtimer -- A dockable alarm clock for WindowMaker Bug#146722: ITP: -- A ticker designed for the windowmaker dock Bug#146743: ITP: qmail-qfilter -- qmail-queue filter front end Bug#146773: wnpp: ITP: gkrellm-hddtemp - hddtemp plugin for GKrellM Bug#146777: wnpp: ITP: dia-newcanvas - a gtk+2 vectorial canvas with extra features Bug#146778: wnpp: ITP: GAEL -- Gnome application for electrical circuits Bug#146792: ITP: cl-sql -- CLSQL: A Common Lisp SQL access library Bug#146949: ITP: miid -- Bring up or down Ethernet interfaces upon change of MII link state Bug#146966: ITP: zwm -- zadka's window manager Bug#146993: ITP: ccmsn -- An MSN messenger written in tcl Bug#147006: ITP: freebsd -- Packaged FreeBSD kernel, libc and utilities for freebsd-i386 port Bug#147019: [ITP]: globus-toolkit -- Globus grid computing packages Bug#147068: ITP: fags -- Free AudioGalaxy Satellite Re: Bug#147077: Please fix make-kpkg to build packages with proper conflicts Re: Bug#147077: What is with the kernel maintainer? (How not to close Bug#147077) Bug#147081: ITP: dio -- A simple, flexible utility for generating and timing I/O Bug#147112: ITP: sitemap -- Makes an HTML site map from meta tags from other HTML pages. Bug#147114: ITP: sitemap-perl -- Makes an HTML site map from meta tags from other HTML pages. Re: Bug#147198: dhelp: wrong background color in icons Bug#147248: ITP: distcc -- Distributed compilation wrapper and daemon Bug#147278: ITP: gnome-office -- This package will install the core gnome-office packages Bug#147303: ITP: winex -- A DESCRIPTION Bug#147305: ITP: yepp -- A DESCRIPTION Bug#147335: ITP: hevea-doc -- Documentation for HeVeA Bug#147380: ITP: gnunet -- anonymous, distributed, reputation-based network. Bug#147436: general: does not exist Bug#147592: ITP: gween -- Library for adminstrating php-based websites. Includes a template sytem. Bug#147642: ITP: monit -- A utility for monitoring and managing daemons or similar programs. Bug#147655: ITP: gkacpi -- GKRellm Plugin for ACPI Re: Bug#147668: base-files: please include the OpenSSL license Bug#147686: ITP: gorm -- Visual Interface Builder for GNUstep Bug#147690: ITP: projectcenter -- IDE for GNUstep Development Bug#147706: wnpp: ITP: fortunes-fr -- French fortunes cookies Bug#147722: ITP: wmnetmon -- A dockapp for monitoring services on up to 40 hosts. Bug#147857: Bug#147857: marked as done () Bug#147964: ITP: gnome-vim -- bonobo component for vim Bug#147965: ITP: python-kde -- Python bindings to the KDE libraries Bug#147968: ITP: gnustep-guile -- A GNUstep Interface to Guile (and vice versa) Bug#147980: [ITP]: owl -- A curses-based tty Zephyr client. Bug#148032: ITP: ksetisaver -- KDE screensaver frontend for the Linux seti@home client Bug#148069: ITP: pimppa -- powerful tool to loot binaries from newsgroups smartly Bug#148076: ITP: schedutils -- Linux scheduler utilities Bug#148079: ITP: elscreen -- GNU screen like multiplexor for Emacs Bug#148080: ITP: apache2 -- Apache version 2.0.36 Bug#148094: ITP: libicq2000 -- An ICQ2000/2001 C++ library Bug#148095: ITP: icqv7-t -- ICQv7-transport for Jabber Bug#148134: ITP: ccdoc -- Generates web documentation from C++ code Bug#148140: wnpp: ITP: mozilla-locale-fr -- Mozilla French Language/Region Package Bug#148163: ITP: libnet-google-perl -- Simple OOP-ish interface to the Google SOAP API Bug#148165: ITP: rigel -- a Unix personal information manager for X Re: Bug#148172: command -v in postinsts violating policy Bug#148218: ITP: ifstat -- tool to report network interfaces bandwith just like vmstat/iostat Bug#148265: [ITP]: libarchive-tar-perl -- Archive::Tar - manipulate tar files in perl Bug#148319: ITP: unreal-ircd -- a highly stable and feature-packed IRC server daemon Bug#148320: ITP: gsendfile -- GNOME frontend to sendfile Bug#148325: ITP: gaff -- php class for managing forms Bug#148345: ITP: libfile-lock-perl -- File locking with Perl using flock, lockf and fcntl Bug#148353: general: quake2-data postinst fails on a new install (not upgrade) Bug#148353: Please close bug Bug#148374: ITP: darkstat -- a network traffic analyzer Bug#148395: ITP: hearse -- exchange Nethack bones files with other users Bug#148413: ITP: iconv -- GNU Unicode conversion library Bug#148421: ITP: kopete -- Multi-protocol KDE Instant Messenger client Bug#148458: ITP: lilo-splash -- lilo with (configurable) debian splash screen Bug#148460: ITP: zope-docfinder -- Find documentation for a Zope product using a doc tab Bug#148461: ITP: zope-edit -- Zope external editor Re: Bug#148469: ITP: nvrec -- NVrec aims to be a high quality, generic capture core The last update was on 06:20 GMT Sun Jan 20. 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