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Re: Bug#147303: ITP: winex -- A DESCRIPTION

On Thu, May 23, 2002 at 11:04:27PM -0400, Joe Drew wrote:
> You misunderstood me. I meant what's wrong with Caldera doing the
> sysvinit thing.

Misrepresentation.  This software came without source code, without
mention that source code was available for what was on that CD, and the
only thing it did say was that if you wanted to keep using Linux, you had
to pay them a fee which sure accounts for more than media costs.

The CD gave every indication that the software was under a demoware
license and that to continue using it, you were required to pay them.
Maybe then they'd give you source code as the GPL requires?

FWIW, nowhere did I find this sysvinit patch on their ftp site.  Not that
I'd want to use it of course, but it wasn't there all the same.

> > I thought our priority was our
> > users, not someone else's misguided corporate interests.  Of course, winex
> > is freely downloadable as long as it's not in Debian.  If it ever goes
> > into Debian, language will be added to the license stating that DEBIAN MAY
> > NOT DISTRIBUTE IT.  Not anyone, not unauthorized people, Debian.  This
> > threat amounts to a pure spite attack on Debian and deserves to be seen
> > for what it is.
> Have any proof to back up these charges? (It sounds like you do.)

I have email with the maintainer, and he has email with Transgaming.  He
is trying not to anger Transgaming in the hopes that they may let him at
least have the package outside of Debian (which he indicates they seem
willing to allow..)

I'm not feeling very diplomatic in the face of threats.  Marc has told me
what was said and who said it.  I do not doubt Marc's integrity.

> I wonder how evil Transgaming has to get before you
> > would stop defending them.
> Actually show me (instead of ranting on and on about the atrocities
> they've committed against you, your dog and your sister) one thing that
> they've done which has been directly against the community and I will
> reconsider my position. Trying to get some form of recompense for the
> code they've written doesn't count, btw, so you can't say "They didn't
> give all the code they developed back!" And they _have_ given code back
> - see http://www.winehq.com/hypermail/wine-license/2002/05/0051.html .

Since you seem to doubt that the good people at Transgaming would do such
a thing, I ask Marc for a reference.  I think it should not be
unreasonable to post the email in question given that it concerns Debian
business and they certainly cannot expect Debian to not know what they
have decided to tell us, through him.

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