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Re: Bug#147303: ITP: winex -- A DESCRIPTION

On Wed, May 22, 2002 at 09:40:59PM -0400, Joe Drew wrote:
> > * Package name    : winex
> > [...]
> > This version of the TransGaming Wine Branch [...]
> I'd like to register my objection to this package being installed, even
> in non-free. As a Transgaming subscriber and supporter of their work, I
> don't want to see Transgaming's work be diluted, and I imagine that many
> people feel similarly. I urge the prospective maintainer to reconsider.

Oh don't worry - they have threatened to change their license to
specifically ban Debian from having such a package if one is ever
uploaded.  If you don't feel uncomfortable supporting that hostile
attitude with your money, I cannot stop you.  I may question your
commitment to the things Debian stands for, but I can't stop you.
Personally I rate their attitude more parasitical than Caldera.

Caldera is the company who produced a Linux "demo" CD in which they
modified sysvinit (GPL) to refuse to boot the system after 30 days if
payment was not made to the tune of US$130.

Transgaming is a company who took free software which other companies have
paid people to work on, made a few hacks, made the whole thing
proprietary, put a price tag on it, and are now threatening anyone else
who might get near it.  It doesn't matter that you can download it from
their site or that the license does not currently prohibit packaging it
for convenience.  No, they will happily change the license to discriminate
by name against any person who violates the unwritten law: thou shalt not
package my software.

Even Corel, another company which clearly Didn't Get It was capible of
giving their wine changes back to the community.  But in order to use
winex, I am expected to pay $5 a month and live without a native package
for my distribution?  No, I think they are parasites who deserve to be
exposed for what they are and killed for it.  I sure as hell don't plan to
use their crappy Linux distribution to get winex packaged for me, that's
for sure.

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