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Re: Bug#147303: ITP: winex -- A DESCRIPTION

On Wed, 2002-05-22 at 22:50, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> I think your request is completely out-of-line.  Debian's job is not
> to help software hoarders.  Indeed, if we had an official attitude, it
> was that we have a goal of putting them out of that business
> entirely.  We don't actually have such an official stance.  But we
> are, broadly speaking, against them.

This whole problem would just go away if non-free weren't part of the

And as mentioned before (by Joseph Carter), if WineX gets installed in
Debian, it's likely that Transgaming would just change their license to
disallow distribution of later versions, which would make the WineX
package rapidly obsolete and rather useless.

> If you have a personal financial interest in the matter, you should
> recuse yourself.

My only interest is a pragmatic one: let me play the games I want. Loki
tried but failed.

Incidentally I said the a similar to people who wanted to copy my Loki
CDs: "Buy it yourself."

Joe Drew <hoserhead@woot.net> <drew@debian.org>

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