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Re: Best Packaging Practices - collecting ideas (and texts!)

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>  Mark> hmm.  I've tried cvs-buildpackage a few times over the years (most
>  Mark> recently a couple of weeks ago as a distraction from the twiki package
>  Mark> postinst hell) and it just doesn't match my working patterns at all.
>  Mark> Most especially, it had no way to do "ok, try building out of what I
>  Mark> have here so I can test it"
> 	Most of us just do
>  % fakeroot ./debian/rules build
>     or
>  % make all

That can easily get you a .deb with CVS directories in it (in fact, see
the thread I started a few hours ago about just that problem).

Mark, you might want to look at the contents of ~joeyh/bin on most any
of debian's machines. I use the build program to do an in-place build of
the current tree. The dh_* programs are wrapper scripts around a few
debhelper programs that remove any CVS directories that creep in. I use
the review program to take a look at what I've built, and then the
release program takes care of committing my changes (using the most
recent entry of debian/changelog as the commit message), tagging the tree
in much the same way cvs-buildpackage does, and uploading the debs. The
most annoying problem is that if this is used for debian-native
packages, you get CVS directories in the .tar.gz. I keep meaning to
patch dpkg-buildpackage to make it pass the appropriate --exclude option
to tar when it's building those.

These scripts are all very hard-coded to my own needs, and I'm not
trying to compete with cvs-buildpackage (I still use cvs-upgrade and
cvs-co-upgrade), but maybe someone will find them interesting.

>  dir; cvsci is aliased to `cvs ci -m"$(dpkg-parsechangelog | grep '^  ')"'
>  so I hack; cvsci; cvs-build-package; hack some more, cvsci, cvs-buildpackage,
>  and repeat.

I'd maybe do something like that, but I do most of my package
development and building while offline, often it's a ten minute hike
into internet range from my favorite hacking spots. And I've not yet
felt secure entrusting my precious master cvs repository to a laptop
hard drive, especially not one that's routinely in danger of sand, water,
dirt, and large hairy animals..

see shy jo

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