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Re: Best Packaging Practices, act II

Raphael Hertzog (2002-05-23 23:46:53 +0200) :

> Configuration management :
> * Providing customized configuration files
>   - the ucf utility
>   - using a template mechanism (coupled with debconf input)
>   - using a conf.d directory style
>   - any good examples for those ?

I can provide examples for a Debconf-style sort-of-ucf-like.  I'm not
sure they are good examples for Best Packaging Practices, since they
involve slightly awkward Debconf interactions in files other than
.config and .postinst (namely, .prerm).  (But that's not forbidden, is
it?)  The package involving that (the 2.6 series of Sourceforge) is
not uploaded yet, but will probably be (to experimental) in a few

> * Packaging software which require a database (pg/mysql).
>   - The software may require a database that you need to setup.
>     But the database may be local or distant. Thus you can't depend
>     on a database server but just on the corresponding library...
>   - example: sympa ?

  I'm currently working on exactly this problem, for Sourceforge too.
The local database setup is done (and you can have a look at the
package in Woody/Sid), the remote thingy will be done soon.

> If you want to take the responsibility for one of those items, just
> reply and announce your intent to write the text.

  Let's say I'm not taking responsibility for these two items just
yet, but once I have implemented all that I'll speak up.

Roland Mas

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