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Re: Bandwidth monitoring

On Tue, 2002-05-21 at 13:20, Brian May wrote:
Just to update my list:

> I have looked at the following:
>         * pretty good, but only works on squid traffic.
>         * very friendly user interface, can do just about anything with
>           statistics in an easy way.
>         * doesn't work to well on ISDN adaptor, seems to get all these
>           Ethernet addresses which ISDN simply doesn't have.
>         * I have had problems with it consuming too much memory, almost
>           to the extent of crashing the computer as it thrashes
>           constantly (see bug #123003 and #136627). This might be
>           related to other problems described here.
>         * If you run it on an internal adapter, it doesn't distinguish
>           local vs remote traffic. Local traffic is free, remote traffic
>           isn't (at least here in Australia).
>         * If you run it on an external adaptor, it appears to consider
>           all external hosts as local.
>         * Appears pretty good, but the interface is very low level
>           compared with say NTOP, and it seems pretty easy to mistake,
>           eg incoming packets counted for outgoing packets for instance
>           (since argus records everything differently depending on which
>           side initiated the connection).
>         * Maybe something like argus with cricket could be used, however
>           I am not aware of how this can be done very efficiently (eg.
>           without rerunning racount with lots of different rules with a
>           custom script and extracting the data to put into cricket).
>         * Due to lack of documentation, I might be confused ;-).

        * Looks good, but list of IP addresses and ports needs to be
          hardcoded before hand. Ok for small networks, not
          large/variable networks.

        * Doesn't seem to work on ippp0 port.
        * When run on internal interface, probably tracks internal data
          as well as externel (not sure).

        * Isn't in Debian, but I think this would be easy.
        * Licensed under an ancient Emacs license (is this really valid?
          Why not the GPL?)
        * No tutorial for beginners.
        * Looks nice and sophisticated compared with the other options.
        * Australian mirror is years out of date (according to timestamp
          on files).
        * http://www2.auckland.ac.nz/net/NeTraMet/

        * "Pick up a cheap Cisco router from a failing ISP and export
          its flow statistics?"
        * All my ISDN DOV data goes through a CISCO router at the remote
          end, and I have access to it, but I don't have a clue how to
          use this flow stuff, or what is capabilities are...

        * doesn't seem to be in Debian. Its name sounds good ;-)
        * http://ipaudit.sourceforge.net/ipaudit-web/index.html
        * looks good, will try it latter.
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>

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