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[MassMail@ecforums.com: ECForums.com [Please Read Me]]


Just in case you missed this one... :)

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>From MassMail@ecforums.com  Sat May 11 01:09:30 2002
Delivery-date: Sat, 11 May 2002 01:09:26 +0200
From: "BlackIntrepid" <MassMail@ecforums.com>
To: <webmaster@debian.org>
Subject: ECForums.com [Please Read Me]
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Hello, my Name is BlackIntrepid

I'm a hacker. Yes, a Hacker. I'll make this message short and to the point.
I just opened a new website, called ECForums.com it's at www.ecforums.com

We're a forum about, yes, hackers. Don't be afraid of the subject, their
are very distinct categories of hackers, White hat, or hackers that only
do good, and help people out, and Black hat, hackers that purposely try to
destroy servers and hurt the internet. Although, some people think that
Hackers Cannot do good, wouldn't you rather have someone from our White
hat community hack into the FBI's server, and then alert them about it, so
a black hat hacker couldn't get in the same way? This is what we do.
Anyway, we need a couple more people at our site to visit our forums. If
you want to learn to be a hacker, or just want to learn more about the
computer, visit out "N00bi3 forums" n00bi3 stands for Newbie, which is
someone who is new, or doesn't know much about the computer. Soon we hope
to have a complete tutorial, on what to learn and study, if your new to
the computer, or want to be a hacker. Please feel free to come visit, and
Register on our Forums!

-ECForums.com Staff

BTW (BY the way), to get straight to our forums, just type this in your
browser: Http://www.ecforums.com/forums/

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