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Re: Antigen found HTML/MimeExploit.IFRAME (CA(InoculateIT),CA(Vet)) v irus

On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 01:43:43PM +0200, Russell Coker wrote:
> No of course it wasn't.  As every remotely intelligent person knows there are 
> a few viruses running loose that send email with random addresses in the 
> From: field.  Anti-virus software written by idiots then complains to that 
> address instead of the owner of the IP address.
> Please think before installing stupid software that spams the net.
> Listmaster, can blizzard.com be blocked from sending future mail to the list?

Careful; if someone implements a better anti-virus scanner than Blizzard
uses, they'll probably get sued for unfair competition.

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