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Bug dependencies not fulfilled inside woody

reopen 145257

Note to debian-devel:

Please discuss with Barak whether it's generally considered important that
the build dependencies of packages in woody can be fulfilled inside woody.
It's you who have to decide and I don't want to be further involved. If
there's a general agreement that it's not needed to be able to fulfill the
build dependencies inside woody (although this might make e.g. security
fixes harder and it's questionable whether in other packages the licence
might be violated) it's OK for me if you close the bug again.

On Sat, 4 May 2002, Barak Pearlmutter wrote:

> This is a release-related matter.  My impression is that other
> mechanisms, external to the BTS, are in place to deal with this
> particular release coordination issue, and that tracking them in the

Could you name these "other mechanisms, external to the BTS"?
It's a well-known fact that the testing scripts ignore build dependencies.

> BTS is simply unneeded overhead, and might even impede the release
> process.
> If you can document that I am wrong about this, ie that the release

Well the BTS is as far as I know the _only_ place to track bugs. Since the
testing scripts ignore build dependencies I can't see where else these
issues are being tracked.

> manager *wants* bugs like this in the BTS, please do so.
> Otherwise, please let the package maintainer (which would be me)
> manage and prioritize my bugs as I see fit.

I did reopen the bug and Cc'ed debian-devel because I consider this a
question of general importance. As stated above it's OK for me to close
this bug again if there's a general agreement to do so.

> Thanks,
> 					--Barak.


BTW: The package you uploaded which claimed to fix the problem wouldn't
     have fixed the problem anyway - the problem that librumbabase-dev in
     woody is older than the version the rumba-utils in woody requires a
     more recent librumbabase-dev in woody and can't be fixed by a new
     rumba-utils that build depends on an even more recent version of


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