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Re: Antigen found HTML/MimeExploit.IFRAME (CA(InoculateIT),CA(Vet)) v irus

You sent this privately for no obvious reason, so I'm replying back to
the list.

On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 06:40:27PM +0200, Russell Coker wrote:
> > > Listmaster, can blizzard.com be blocked from sending future mail to the
> > > list?
> >
> > Hooray for destructive overreaction.
> How is it destructive or an over-reaction?

Nuke the entire company due to an annoying autoresponder?  If you want to
stop these messages, just blackhole the autoresponder.  This isn't spam
intended soley to be annoying, and even the most annoying of spam only gets
"X-Spam-Status: Yes" added.  The fact that we're receiving these messages at
all means someone there is interested in the list; booting people off of
mailing lists is destructive.

Better: add *ANTIGEN_EXCHANGE*@ to the blacklist on the spam filter, and
let people choose for themselves.  That's why it's there--forced filtering
is bad.  (I assume you *are* blocking positive hits via X-Spam-Status, since
you're so annoyed by this.)

Glenn Maynard

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