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Re: [OT] Re: Woody release - WHAT is current status

* Adam Heath (doogie@debian.org) wrote:
> On Thu, 30 May 2002, Anthony Towns wrote:
> > If what you're looking for is an interesting distraction, then you might
> > be interested to know that "accepted autobuilding" and autobuilding of
> > woody-proposed-updates are partially/mostly implemented. The former means
> > that the autobuilders for most architectures (all but hurd, m68k and arm,
> > I believe) will try to build your package half an hour or so after you
> > upload it. The latter, when it's more complete than it is now, will give
> > us a bunch more flexibility handling the release and has probably been
> > long overdue.
> So now we have to go and find big packages, that take a long time to download,
> to try and overrun this 30 minute timeframe.

Er, it's not like something is done every 30 minutes unless we've got a
whole heck of alot more security bugs than I think we do.  My guess on
how this works is a cron job run every 30 minutes checks for packages
which need to be compiled in some special place and then goes about
compiling them.  I imagine the security team is the only set of people
who are going to have access to that area and so unless there are
independent people in the security team (which I don't think happens
since I suspect they are all involved or at least aware of current
issues) who upload big packages right after each other, and keep doing
it for a while, it won't be an issue.

Just my thoughts,


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