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Re: Best Packaging Practices - collecting ideas (and texts!)

Ola Lundqvist wrote:
> > > "The debhelper (dh_*) scripts help you do common tasks automaticly
> > > or with little help from the package maintainer. Some of them need
> > > configuration and the debhelper configuration file naming convetions
> > > is as packagename.conftype. You can also name it as just conftype
> > > wich is then applied to all binary packages in the control file.

Last sentence is wrong.

> Or just refer to it. The important thing here is the naming convention
> for multiple packages. But yes that part from debhelper is a good start.
> A interesting thing is that the convention is not always true. Take
> for example the changelog file.

It's a special case, one where your earler incorrect sentence is in fact

see shy jo

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