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Re: Bandwidth monitoring

On Tue, May 21, 2002 at 01:20:13PM +1000, Brian May wrote:
> Whats the best way in Debian to monitor IP packets sent/received over
> an external (ie. volume charged) connection? ie. How many bytes did
> host A receive on what port? Which internal host received the most
> external traffic? etc?

    iptables -N eth0_in
    iptables -N eth0_out
    iptables -A INPUT -j eth0_in -i eth0 -d <ip of eth0>
    iptables -A INPUT -j eth0_out -i eth0 -s <ip of eth0>
    iptables -A eth0_in ...
    iptables -A eth0_out ...


    iptables -L eth0_in -n -v | grep for counts ... etc
    iptables -L eth0_out -n -v | grep for counts ... etc

Or, use a program that works off these principles: ipac-ng.  Simple,
uses the filtering abilities of the kernel, works well.

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