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Re: Bug#147303: ITP: winex -- A DESCRIPTION

On Thu, 2002-05-23 at 22:34, Joseph Carter wrote:
> On Wed, May 22, 2002 at 10:24:27PM -0400, Joe Drew wrote:
> > > Caldera is the company who produced a Linux "demo" CD in which they
> > > modified sysvinit (GPL) to refuse to boot the system after 30 days if
> > > payment was not made to the tune of US$130.
> > 
> > ...and? They released the source, did they not? Where's the problem
> > here? Who said you are allowed to get all Free Software gratis?
> The license does not prohibit packaging.
> However, if the package is uploaded, they will change it to specifically
> say that DEBIAN MAY NOT PACKAGE IT.  If that's not parasitical in your
> mind, your judgement is impaired.  If you can download it from them
> already, how is it somehow wrong to download it from Debian?

You misunderstood me. I meant what's wrong with Caldera doing the
sysvinit thing.

> > > But in order to use
> > > winex, I am expected to pay $5 a month and live without a native package
> > > for my distribution?
> > 
> > rpms, debs and tgzs exist for WineX. The former two have always existed.
> And our users find these things how? 

By paying for them, like I did. I was just mentioning that you were
totally wrong, is all.

> I thought our priority was our
> users, not someone else's misguided corporate interests.  Of course, winex
> is freely downloadable as long as it's not in Debian.  If it ever goes
> into Debian, language will be added to the license stating that DEBIAN MAY
> NOT DISTRIBUTE IT.  Not anyone, not unauthorized people, Debian.  This
> threat amounts to a pure spite attack on Debian and deserves to be seen
> for what it is.

Have any proof to back up these charges? (It sounds like you do.)

I wonder how evil Transgaming has to get before you
> would stop defending them.

Actually show me (instead of ranting on and on about the atrocities
they've committed against you, your dog and your sister) one thing that
they've done which has been directly against the community and I will
reconsider my position. Trying to get some form of recompense for the
code they've written doesn't count, btw, so you can't say "They didn't
give all the code they developed back!" And they _have_ given code back
- see http://www.winehq.com/hypermail/wine-license/2002/05/0051.html .

[Rest of violent rant snipped]

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