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Re: <joke/>Debian secure by default (was Re: hurd does NOT need /hurd)

"Manuel A." Fernández Montecelo <manuel@sindominio.net> writes:

> try "-nolisten TCP" in the script launching X server ;)

I'll try to remember that next time a restart the X server (which
probably happens when I can upgrade to a released and stable

But my point was that, *by default*, the X server listens to tcp
connections from anywhere. (I'm running the Xsun server, so I still
have some hope that the default behaviour is better in modern X

> i don't understand why AJ (release manager?) is worried about the FW
> tools of the Hurd and states that it can't be released yet.

I hope there will be a sensible list of release criteria, prepared
with input from both the release manager the hurd folks, when Debian
GNU/Hurd gets closer to release, and putting FW-tools on that list
sounds pretty nonsensical. But I'm happy to postpone that discussion
until the list is being prepared and release getting closer.

> and must be treated separatedly, begginig for the name. "hurd-i386" is
> not a sub-arch of linux. what about "netbsd-{64 archs}"? many internal
> Debian procedures have to be change, in order to manage the new
> flavours...

IIRC, Markus have written a proposal on more flexible arch handling,
and I think there is some (slow) progress.


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