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Re: Bug dependencies not fulfilled inside woody

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Woody not having self-consistent build-depends is what isn't a
> bug. Debian's never done better than a rough approximation at that.

However, the fact that we never did better than a rough approximation
does not mean we should give up.

I have now read the logs for this bug (#145257), and I see that the
maintainer already did everything he could to fix this. If I were the
maintainer I would reassign this to ftp.debian.org.

The underlying problem is that the testing scripts do not check that
build-dependencies are met before moving packages from unstable to

Before package pools, we have been "violating" the copyright of many
packages because we did not keep source and binaries in sync.  We
never considered this a RC-bug, but we knew there was a problem to
solve, and finally, it was solved with the pool. I think the
build-dependency issue is a very similar thing. It could be that we
will not be able to release woody build-depends-consistent, but this
does not mean we should not have this as a goal for woody+1.

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