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Re: Best Packaging Practices - collecting ideas (and texts!)

>>"Mark" == Mark Eichin <eichin@thok.org> writes:

 Mark> hmm.  I've tried cvs-buildpackage a few times over the years (most
 Mark> recently a couple of weeks ago as a distraction from the twiki package
 Mark> postinst hell) and it just doesn't match my working patterns at all.
 Mark> Most especially, it had no way to do "ok, try building out of what I
 Mark> have here so I can test it"

	Most of us just do
 % fakeroot ./debian/rules build
 % make all

 Mark> that wasn't "bump a version and shovel it into that tree over
 Mark> there."  I can see getting used to the model, but I didn't like
 Mark> it much.  (If people have *other* ways of working with cvs for
 Mark> packages, I'd like to hear them...)

	I must confess I work with my emacs open on the checked out
 dir; cvsci is aliased to `cvs ci -m"$(dpkg-parsechangelog | grep '^  ')"'
 so I hack; cvsci; cvs-build-package; hack some more, cvsci, cvs-buildpackage,
 and repeat.

	No version number bumping needed. cvs-buildpackage shall make
 sure that the latest version is included, warns you about files that
 are not in CVS, and one can rebuild as many times as needed with the
 same version. You only need bump the version number when you upload
 to Debian.

	If you can explain the problem to me, I'll see what we can
 make cvs-buildpackage do.

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