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Re: [2002-04-30] Release Status Update

On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> Don't hold your breath; they are busy.  It is just too late.
I never had any doubt that they are busy.

> Five of my packages are removed or scheduled to be removed, all due to
> archive problems beyond my control.  Such is the way of the release.
I just repeat:  I do not whine about the fact that packages I maintain
and I depend from seem to not make their way into Woody.  They are surely
not very important for Debian as a whole.

I just wonder if it is a good idea to fix a bug which *might* break an
upgrade under some circumstances if it results in the *hard fact* that
it *will* break an upgrade.  This situation sucks.

In my opinion this is a RC bug against project.  No - I will not do
this make even more work to busy people because if some really
unimportant packages.  But I would like to see a general solution
for this problem (and for sure would be happy if the packages in question
would serve as example to test ;-) ).

Kind regards


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