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[RFC] New keymap/language configuration system.


I'm finally relatively free at my job, and can get back to Debian :)

The question is as follows:
There is an idea to create a whole new console and, perhaps, X
keymap configuration facility for post-woody.
As you may see, current console-common is buggy ;). And in most cases
these bugs are due to some debconf's database breakage (possibly made
by previous versions of console-*, or some debconf upgrade, or..), or
the complicatedness of the current console-common (which has been
patched very ugly sometimes).

I have an idea to create a debconf-independent subsystem, that would only
note the user via debconf that it would install some defaults, and
that he/she can edit the settings by hand/via some utility.

Another idea would be to split current console-data on multiple packages
and allow user/system adminstrator to create his own ones with defaults
he need (similar to the way make-kpkg works)[1]

As for the X configuration, I'm personally against this, since that
could reduce the general flexibility, but I've recieved some queries to
implement this.

Anyway, at this point I'd be happy to recieve new ideas, possible
improvements, i.e., everything that you would want from the 
future keymaps/fonts configuration.

[1] This would also allow me to have a reasonable argument to those
    we-love-debconf-because-we-can-do-massive-cluster-installations :)

Regards, Wartan.
"Computers are not intelligent. They only think they are."

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