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Re: [TriLUG] More Installfest questions 2 ...

Bill Vinson <billvinson@nc.rr.com> writes:
> I will echo this as Debian is amazing. Unstable is very stable
> except for the occasional library issue.

I've tracked unstable on whatever's happened to be my main box for
about the last six years, and indeed, its not as exciting as it
sounds...but when there *is* a trainwreck, watch out!

I remember some dpkg bugs right after Ian Jackson released the first C
version that were quite impressive---mostly inadequate checking for
broken packages that replaced /bin with a 0-byte file or some such.

On my servers I have taken to running 'testing' with the occasional
specific bits taken from 'unstable'---the fact that apt can handle
having both dists in its list and you can selectively say, 'always
pull this from unstable' is great.


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