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Re: Bug#147303: ITP: winex -- A DESCRIPTION

> I'd like to register my objection to this package being installed, even
> in non-free. As a Transgaming subscriber and supporter of their work, I
> don't want to see Transgaming's work be diluted, and I imagine that many
> people feel similarly. I urge the prospective maintainer to reconsider.

If I might remark, this attitude is pretty short sighted and is not
consistent with anything what FS/OS stands for.

Immagine someone saying "I object to the distribution of debian, because
it distributes GNU/Linux in a binary way and this might dilute and be
confused with the work of Slackware", some years ago.

Or "I object to the distribution of OpenOffice, because it emulates the
behaviour and look-and-feel of Microsoft Word, whos work might get
diluted and confused with"

Or "I object to the distribution of GNU/Linux, *BSD, ... because it is
an Operating System, and this might dilute the work of some company who
is also providing an OS."

(The first one would me more appropriate since both share the same
codebase). Imagine changes made by RH, Debian ppl, ... to GNU software
not to be distributed in other distribs.

You are threading a _very_ thin line there...

I guess this case _clearly_ shows the _need_ and _use_ for the (L)GPL and
what can happen if it is not used...

As far as the package is concerned, though I understand their
objections, I do not feel completely comfortable with it, something
feels wrong.
I withdrew it for the moment and am discussing the situation with a
couple of debian developers.

       greetz, marc
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