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Re: [EXTREMELY OT] Navagating Toronto

On Sat, 2002-05-11 at 14:45, Hereward Cooper wrote:
> Please reply off-list, so not to cause more disturbance :)

I'm replying on-list because this might be of general use to people
going to Debconf.
> In an attempt to plan my debconf/ols trip I'm wondering if any DD in the
> Toronto area can tell me how easy it is to get from Union Station on
> Front street to the Bus station on Bay Street?

It's not terribly difficult. There are two ways: Public transit and

Transit: When you get into Union Station you'll want to get to the
subway platforms. It should be fairly easy - if you can't figure out the
signs you'll be able to ask anybody there. (Subway fare is currently
$2.25 cash, but it might be going up very soon in the near future.) Get
on the Downsview/University route and get off at St. Patrick station.
Walk east two blocks or so. Approximate time: 10 minutes (maybe less).

Walking: Coming out of union station, get onto Front street and walk
west to University Ave. Walk north several blocks until you come to the
intersection just before or just after a Kinko's. (I'm sorry I can't
remember the exact name of the street.) Turn right and you won't be able
to miss the busses. Approximate time: 30+ minutes.

As always there are people to help you. Downstairs at Union Station
there is a "Traveller's Help Desk" of some sort - right in the VIA
arrival area. They can definitely answer any questions you might have.
And of course there are union station security officers, GO Transit
information people, and police officers. But I hope this helps you out.

Note that if you're just trying to get to York from Union Station, you
want to take the Downsview subway all the way to Downsview, and then
transfer to bus#169 (IIRC), express to York University. (Don't leave the
subway station except to go to busses - you will have to pay again.)


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