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[debconf] displaying postinst-specific messages

Hi !

I'd like to display a debconf note if a specific command executed in my
postinst fails, but I just don't see how to set it up. 

Putting the note in the config script will have it displayed at
preconfigure time, which really isn't an option, and putting specific 
db_input in my postinst make lintian unhappy.

I'd really like to find a way to workaround the problem, but it's not
that easy. In fact, I have to create a user in my postinst. But adduser
can fail (e.g. if the host is using NIS or LDAP), and I'd like to warn 
the user he has to add the user himself in this case. 

Is there a way to communicate between the config script and the
postinst ? Or any other way to deal with my problem ? I've searched
debconf examples, documentation, and manpages, including debconf-devel,
without success. 

Thanks for any remark / answer

Emmanuel le Chevoir - manu42@free.fr

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