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Re: Bug#145569: ncurses: wrong dependency on libc6-dev

Robert Millan <zeratul2@wanadoo.es> immo vero scripsit:

> > This sounds wrong.
> > It should really depend on the version of libcx-dev that it was
> > compiled against.
> You can use versioned depends but you shouldn't be using the major
> number in that case. Eg:
> libc6-dev (= foo) | libc6.1-dev (= foo) | libc0.3-dev (= foo)
> Since we don't have versioned depends to say: libc-dev (= foo)

I'm saying that libncurses-dev/hurd should have a line that

Depends: libc0.3-dev (=foo)


libncurses-dev/i386 should have

Depends: libc6-dev (=foo)

I'm moving this discussion over to -devel, 
because this topic is not restricted to ncurses only.

I'm envisioning a "${Depends:devlibs}" kind of notation,
and something like "dpkg-devlibdeps"


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