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[no subject] #92727 ITA Ghostview ANNOUNCEMENT: Bay Area Debian Get-Together and Key-Signing Party Another test message Re: any decent apt frontends ready for woody? Any Old Port In A Storm Re: anyone going to USENIX? anyone packaging esms? apg (was: Intent to Rewrite: pwgen) APPEAL FOR ASSISTANCE. apt complains about the wrong dependency problems Re: apt-{gnutella,freenet} apt-{gnutella,freenet} (was: APT: Packages file to large to download everytime) apt got messed up aptitude 0.2.0 nearly released, please test/translate 0.1.9 aptitude, install-info, gzip strange behaviour APT : Packages file to large to download everytime. arm autobuilder stuck again? [attention] PAM unix auth. module broken Re: Autoconf 2.50 Re: Automake 2.50 migration strategy, as implemented Away for a while, ITPs welcome Bad behaviour in kvirc. Be careful of library updates once freeze happens. Re: Beta package of python-omniorb available for testing/sponsorship binary package origins blaster xscreensaver crashes computer? Boost/Loki again Bootdisks for Alphaserver 1200 with Mylex DAC960 bug #100060: funny-behavior building gnome-iconedit Bug#100170: ITP: gmfsk Bug#100328: RFA: xinetd -- replacement for inetd with many enhancements Bug#100429: ITP -- transcalc: microwave and RF transmission line calculator Bug#100466: ITP: dchroot -- Easy chroot setup Bug#100667: ITP: secpanel -- A Tcl/Tk GUI for SSH and SCP. Bug#100892: ITP: dict-gcide -- enhanced version of dict-web1913 Re: Bug#100980: ITP: crimson -- Java XML parser for JAXP1.1 Bug#101255: RFA: diskless -- NFSROOT image stuff Bug#101343: ITP: and -- Auto Nice Daemon Bug#101526: mount says no medium found in cd-rom Bug#101756: ITP: linuxvideostudio -- Linux Video Studio - MJPEG-tools GUI Bug#101761: ITP: kino -- Non Linear Video Editor IEEE1394 (firewire) Bug#101825: ITP: pyada - Ada library for extending and embedding python Bug#101965: ITP: ming - an SWF output library and PHP module Bug#101981: O: calc -- An advanced calculator and mathematical tool for Emacs. Bug#102054: ITP -- ccmath: Computational C mathemathics library Bug#102303: RFA: malsync -- Avantgo<-->Palm sync software Bug#102329: ITP: morisawa -- VF/TFM files for japanese PS fonts for TeX Bug#102372: ITA: i2c Bug#49962: wontfix Bug#70841: marked as done (Dificult internationalization) Bug#70842: marked as done (project: I want dpkg and apt supporting foreing languages because I can translate to Portuguese.) Bug#92618: nmblookup: command not found Re: Bug#99494: courier-mta 0.34 would not install Bug#99641: 'ipmasq' starts too early (fwd) Bug#99813: Bug#99813: marked as done () Re: Bug#99835: seemingly useless and ill-conceived "meta" packages Bug#99928: ITP: encompass - a free web-browser for GNOME Bug#99949: ITP: neon - an http and WebDAV transport library Bug#99954: general: the shutdown process should not freeze when a /etc/init.d script freeze still down? build-conflicts and dpkg-buildpackage Re: cannot slogin to master Re: Can't login, won't ask for password changing framebuffer device owner during login chkconfig packages for testing (will ITP soon) Closing some ITP. config.sub, upstream author responsibility? Copyright does not exist in english and swedish Cygwin + Debian debhelper 3.x for potato available? Re: Debian 3.0 (woody) Freeze Begins Debian and GPG/PGP key handling Re: debian/ dir in upstream CVS tree debian lists on usenet? debian releases before buzz Debian's Menu icons Re: debsign process Dependency upon a mp3-decoder (Bug#100843) Re: [devel] [RFU] drscheme Re: [devel] uninterruptible sleep processes dinstall running on auric? doc-base registration please Re: does search work in ML archives? don't upgrade! libpam problem! Re: don't upgrade! libpam problem! [PATCH] dpkg installed broken file? Re: Dueling Banjos Re: /etc getting big /etc getting bigger LG IBM 서버 1,890,000원(6개월 IDC 무료 이용 포함) evolution package broken? Re: exit(1) pb An ex-Windows, now-Debian newbie comments. fixed Mozilla 0.9.1 debs available Re: fortunes optional or extra FREE Advertising at FYE: PPP over X on potato (was: package pppoed?) [gcc-2.95 / gcc-3.0] plan for C++ libraries ? GCC 3.0 status? Re: GDBM is getting out of date gdm *needs* to be updated Georgian ginac gnapster 1.5.0, potato debs, etc. Re: gnome-print in debian Re: gnucash, stable e unstable Re: [GNUpdate-Devel] Preperation for libgnurdf v0.2.1 (long respo nse) Re: [GNUpdate-Devel] Preperation for libgnurdf v0.2.1 (long response) Re: [GNUpdate-Devel] upstream supports debian: wtf? GPG question... Re: gpm, USB mouse, Linux 2.4.4 Re: grep-execuses -- testing update excuses utility gtkpool licensing harden distribution The last update was on 19:42 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1914 messages. Page 1 of 4.

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