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Re: chkconfig packages for testing (will ITP soon)

Colin Watson <cjwatson@flatline.org.uk> wrote:
[package redhat's chkconfig]

> Please consider making it a frontend to update-rc.d instead. That way we
> have a chance of being able to change things in one place (e.g. hmh's
> various recent init script proposals) rather than needing to alter
> several tools.

> (Policy 10.3.1 - "any automated manipulation of the various runlevel
> behaviours by maintainer scripts must be performed using update-rc.d as
> described below and not by manually installing or removing symlinks". I
> think this should be taken as intended to apply to programs outside
> maintainer scripts too.)

That would be nice, but at this time update-rc.d lacks some features,
the nicest one is:
chkconfig --levels 3 something off
This deletes /etc/rc3.d/S??something and adds /etc/rc3.d/K##something,
and ## is the default Kill-Runlevel specified in /etc/init/something.
It does _not_ touch any of the other links /etc/rc?.d/???something.

It is impossible yet to implement this as a frontend for update-rc.d
because update-rc.d does neither provide a way to change only the link
in one runlevel[1] nor a way to query which links a script has.
        cu andreas

[1] "update-rc.d -f blah stop 33 3 ." first removes all links[2] to
    blah and adds a stop-link in runlevel 3.
[2] I used file-rc for testing.
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