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changing framebuffer device owner during login


recently I tried the framebuffer image viewer fbi.
The manual page states

       fbi needs rw access to the framebuffer devices (/dev/fbN),
       i.e  you  (our  your admin) have to make sure fbi can open
       the devices in rw mode.  One way  is  to  use  pam_console
       (see  /etc/security/console.perms) to chown the devices to
       the user logged in on the console.  Another way is to  put
       the  users which are allowed to use the framebuffer device
       to the approximate group (video on debian).

I had problems to set this up correctly:

1) "pam_console" seems not to be packed for debian.  Maybe it is
RedHat specific?  Is there any way to change the owner of den
frambuffer devices for console logins, using our current PAM
implementation?  And, if possible, shouldn't this be done by default?

2) A group "video" does exist in my "/etc/group" file,
but the framebuffer device permissions are

    crw--w--w-    1 root     tty       29,   0 May  5  2000 /dev/fb0

Maybe this should be mode "660" and group "video"?
Or is the manual page wrong?


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