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Re: Be careful of library updates once freeze happens.

On Mon, Jun 11, 2001 at 08:27:51PM +0200, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> 1. The new version a of my package A needs version b of library B that's
> brand-new (very usual e.g. with GNOME packages). Do I have to wait (at
> least) 10 days until version b of library B is in unstable before I can
> upload version a of package A?

No, you can upload it whenever you want. It won't get into testing
before it's ready, but that's not all that different than the current
case, is it?

> 2. Consider the case that of a library package foo there's now the libfoo1
> package in testing and the libfoo2 package in unstable (the so-name has
> changed). As long as there's ONE package in testing that depends on
> libfoo1 and isn't recompiled against libfoo2 in unstable the foo package
> in unstable won't make it into testing because this would cause broken
> dependenies in testing (one of the problems testing tries to avoid).
> Please tell me how the new foo package can ever make it into testing when
> all the packages that depend on it are built against testing.

I don't follow. Why would two different versions of a library not be
allowed into testing simultaneously--it happens all the time. If they
*can't* be installed simultaneously it's a bug--and one that would be
better to catch *before* it gets to testing.

Mike Stone

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