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Re: Be careful of library updates once freeze happens.

Adrian Bunk <bunk@fs.tum.de> wrote:

> How can I upload version a of package A when it doesn't compile in testing
> that includes only an old version of library B, do you want to produce
> tons of failed builds on the autobuilders?

Declare a correct build-time dependency and the autobuilders should either
ignore it or build it with the correct library.

> The two library packages don't conflict, but they are built from the same
> source package - that means when you upgrade the source package in testing
> you have to remove the old binary package in testing (or there would be
> a binary package without it's source in testing).

Use a new source package name.  This has been an issue since the very
beginning of Debian where it was possible to have binary packages with
no source packages since it has been replaced.  The arrival of testing
has finally made this impossible.
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