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Re: [jason@topic.com.au: Re: grub override disparity]

On Wednesday 06 June 2001 14:05, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> (Actually, I'd be happy to see lilo and grub swapped, since IMHO grub
> is much better. I hear that lilo can't boot from RAID partitions, but
> that qualifies as a specialised requirement IMHO.)

LILO does allow you to have /boot on a RAID-1 partition.  It also allows you 
to install it's boot block on the boot sector of that partition (however I 
would not recommend that until the next major release of LILO comes out which 
does it differently).

I've got several machines with /boot on RAID-1 and it boots fine with LILO.

LILO has no support for RAID-1 or RAID-0 (and no support is planned).

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