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[iana-pen@iana.org: RE: Application for Enterprise-number (9586)]

This got a bit stuck on my mailbox for the last two weeks. A while
ago I submited a request to IANA to assign an enterprise number
to Debian. These numbers are used for MIB (think SNMP) and X.500/LDAP.

At this moment we aren't using it yet. I'll start using bits of
it for the Debian-specific bits of our OpenLDAP packages, but other
developers are free to request a bit of hierarchy space for
Debian-specific projects as well. For this purpose the email
address iana@debian.org has been setup.


----- Forwarded message from IANA Private Enterprise Number <iana-pen@iana.org> -----

From: "IANA Private Enterprise Number" <iana-pen@iana.org>
To: "Wichert Akkerman" <iana@debian.org>
Subject: RE: Application for Enterprise-number  (9586)
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 18:05:59 -0700

Dear Wichert,

The IANA has assigned the following Private Enterprise
Number to:

9586  Debian                 Wichert Akkerman             iana@debian.org

Please notify the IANA if there is a change in your contact
or company information.

Thank you,

Bill Huang
IANA - Private Enterprise Numbers

----- End forwarded message -----

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