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Re: Closing some ITP.

On Sat, Jun 23, 2001 at 05:17:59PM +0200, Luca De_Vitis wrote:
> close 93401
> # ulogd - The Userspace Logging Daemon
> What about adding something like
>    * Close ITP (Closes: #...)
> as second log entry in the debian/changelog :)?

ulogd (0.95.cvs.20010531-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Calls and Build-Depends: on autoconf.
  * Initial Debian release. (closes: #93401).

 -- Daniel Stone <daniel@kabuki.openfridge.net>  Mon, 11 Jun 2001 20:28:20 +1000

With any luck, the fact that my packages are now being built with -k, not
-e, will help. If you look at BTS, it was just tagged fixed.

:) d

Daniel Stone						     <daniel@sfarc.net>
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