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Re: [jason@topic.com.au: Re: grub override disparity]

> You can have them both installed at the same time.  I happen to have
> lilo on my home desktop machine (as I never reboot it, I never really
> notice).  However, this is also the machine that I create boot floppies
> with, etc. and I always use grub for those.
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You can have both installed at a time. You can put lilo on /dev/hda1
and then grub on /dev/hdb, and then the FreeBSD loader in /dev/hdb2.
That way, you have a really weird setup were lilo can boot grub which
in turn which boot the FreeBSD loader, which could be setup to reload
lilo, just for fun. %0]

That is to say, they conflicts only when the system admin overwrite
one's bootsector with the other's, which is the same thing as doing mv
/bin/rm /bin/ls.


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