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Re: [linux@bucksch.org: Bug#101186: purge removes new mail in spool dir]

On Tue, Jun 19, 2001 at 12:09:09AM +0200, Alexander Koch wrote:
> Hi Mark.
> >From what I understand of the bug, I would rather say the
> submitter did not get hold of the fact those files are
> useless for him w/o Exim, so a final delivery would be the
> only way to go.

Uh, the /var/spool/exim directory is anything else but useless.
It gives you important information about the state of the mail system
you had installed.  You can regain undelivered mails perfectly by hand,
and you can analyze the errors that probably made you uninstalling exim
at all.

> However arghful this may have been, it strikes me as not
> being an exim bug at all, rather a big misunderstanding on
> the user's side.

Quite not so.  The directory contains user data you can't regain by other
methods.  What if gimp would remove all users *.xcf files, because they are
useless without gimp?  Sure, those are not expected to be processed and
purged automatically anyway, but you can cook up your own example involving
a cron job and a data queue... right, removing cron should delete this data.

Or purging the hypothetical Debian incoming queue processing daemon should
also remove all pending Debian packages in that queue!?


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