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Re: chkconfig packages for testing (will ITP soon)

On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 04:58:46AM -0400, Brent Verner wrote:
> | This does not work with file-rc, does it?
> I'm don't know what 'file-rc' is.

ive been meaning to look at file-rc for awhile now and just did.

file-rc does away with this silly /etc/rc?.d symlink mess and replaces
it with a single flat config file: /etc/runlevel.conf (well with a
fallback backup so if you fubar the main one your system can still
recover..)  i very well may convert all my machines to use file-rc, it
looks much simpler to maintain and inspect.  

> redhat's, so new redhat to debian converts don't have to fumble around 
> with update-rc.d when managing services.

redhat users have to learn about many new and different things when
moving to debian, there is nothing wrong with that and it should not
be used as an excuse to port redhat cruft over.  

having said that i started with redhat and moved to debian after
becoming annoyed with redhats deficient distribution.  at first i
found the lack of things like chkconfig strange but then i learned why
its not needed:

on debian if you don't want a daemon running then why the hell is it
installed?  apt-get --purge remove foo.   99% of the time that
solution works just fine (even better in woody now that portmap, inetd
and friends are thier own packages).  

Ethan Benson

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